About Inclusive Communities

Inclusive Communities focuses on providing supports to anyone who faces barriers in life, and specializes in supporting people with intellectual disabilities, people who are working through mental health struggles, and youth at risk. Each person's situation is unique, and a focused, individualized approach is how Inclusive Communities provides support in achieving goals.

Day Program hours provide people with support from Monday to Friday and focuses on teaching life skills and independence while also providing recreational and social activities.

Weekend respite provides similar support as the Day Program, but over the weekend to accommodate the needs of families and people who may not need support during the week, or who require weekend support.

Overnight respite will be available to people and families who require additional support.

One-to-one support assists with learning new life skills, gaining and maintaining independence, as well as helping improve quality of life.

While providing respite support, Inclusive Communities continues to work on skills people can use in the home, and ensures a safe, caring and understanding environment.

About William

William grew up in a small community in South Western Ontario, and spent his childhood working on the family farm. At the age of 16 William left home and travelled Canada. This allowed him to meet many people, learn about different cultures, and gain valuable experience that helps in his profession today. Leaving home at 16 meant that he wasn't able to finish High School, and worked full time to support himself. William worked in many different areas, from sales and customer service, retail, restaurants, factories and warehousing until he decided to go back and finish his schooling. After completing his High School in his late 20's, William decided to attend Post Secondary Education which allowed him to begin a career in Social Services.

William now has almost 10 years experience working with vulnerable people, specifically people with intellectual disabilities, young adults and people working through mental health struggles. His experience includes working as a Transitional Planner (helping students and families transition to life after High School), workshop development and delivery, teaching life skills and independence, managing Day Programs and residential homes, assisting people with finding and maintaining competitive employment, as well as program development. William also spent time as a volunteer firefighter to give back to his community.

William is trained in the following:

First Aid and CPR Instructor

Mental Health First Aid

ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) Course

Non Violent Crisis Prevention Intervention

William has held talks and facilitated workshops for college students, employees, and families of people with intellectual disabilities. He believes that there are always options in life, sometimes you just have to look at the situation in a different way. He also doesn't believe in "thinking outside the box", he prefers to remove the box as he believes the box is a barrier to people.

Helping people realize their potential and achieve their goals is a passion of William's. He is committed to understanding each person's situation, and developing a plan that is unique to the person and their goals.

Whether its support from William directly, or one of the amazing staff at Inclusive Communities, our goal is to be understanding and work at a pace that is comfortable for the person receiving support, and also helps achieve the desired goals. We are there every step of the way.

Contact Inclusive Communities to find out how William's message of Hope, Motivation and Change is making a positive impact in people's lives.

Inclusive Communities understands the ever changing situation with Covid, as well as the changing needs of people supported. While we will do everything we can to meet the needs and goals of people supported, we will also be following guidelines that are in place regarding Covid-19. 


We listen to and understand what each person's goals are. This way we can ensure each person/group gets the most out of the program that they are attending, as well as one-to-one support.

Understanding People

Each person's situation is different, and the best way to assist people is to understand that. 

This is the same approach used with groups. Understanding people will help with understanding the group. 

Commitment and Results

We are committed to people we support. Understanding what people are looking for in terms of support, and the reason they reached out to us is how we work with each person/group to provide the best quality support. 

William Vanraes


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