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New - Now accepting applications for Amherst and surrounding area, Nova Scotia

Inclusive Communities is looking to expand to the Amherst and Surrounding area in Nova Scotia. If you are looking for support, please contact Inclusive Communities to set up a time to discuss support needs.

Welcome to Inclusive Communities Consulting & Life Skills

Offering motivational workshops to young adults, people struggling with mental health, people with intellectual disabilities, businesses, groups or anyone who would benefit. 

Available for motivational talks at your next event. Talks focus on overcoming life's obstacles, finding meaning and building inclusive communities. 

One-to-one support and respite services available.

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Offering custom talks and workshops to help individuals and groups reach their goals

Public and Private Event talks available

Public Speaker


and Workshops

One-to-one support

Respite Services

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"William has been mentoring/coaching my daughter for quite some time. The results have been so positive. William is very understanding and supportive. He maintains a high level of professionalism. Since William has been coaching my daughter, I have noticed a definite increase in her self confidence, an improvement in completing daily life tasks, and also in her communication skills. Life skills are extremely important to our daily lives and William is very competent in teaching these skills to those in need. I highly recommend William!"

Ida Vitelli

Owner - Gentle Touch Dental Hygiene Services