Coaching/Consulting and Workshops

One on One coaching


Consulting for your business 

Learn about William's message of Hope, Motivation and Change, and how it can make a positive impact in people's lives.

Workshops to fit your needs

Workshops designed to focus on individual and group goals. 

One on One coaching to give people the tools to overcome life's obstacles

Coaching focused on

Losing motivation, why people fall into a hole they can’t get out of.

Where negative influences come from, and how they impact our lives.

 Where to begin when there is no hope.

 Finding the motivation

 How to develop a positive support network.

Making the change.

How to face the challenges of change and keep moving forward

Consulting for businesses that want to focus on building an inclusive environment

Areas of focus

 Barriers People Face .

Society Views, and barriers placed on people by society.

Looking at our own views on life and people.

Employment, how people are turned down before they even apply for the job. How we can change our opinions and the opinion of employers to show that people who face barriers are still employable and could be the best option for a position. Looking at how it makes good business sense to look at people who face barriers.

How we can move forward and promote an inclusive environment in both our personal and professional lives.

Customized workshops to fit your needs

Overcoming Life's Obstacles 

Workshop Description

 This workshop will challenge people because it will look at what they have faced through life, and how they have dealt with certain issues. This workshop will look at the negative influence in people’s lives, and how to focus on positive influences. Finding what motivates each person, and where to begin will be covered.

Workshop Goals

The major objective of this workshop is to give people tools that will help them overcome obstacles they will face in life. Another objective is to help people find what motivates them, and how to use that to make positive changes in life.

Building Inclusive Communities

Workshop Description 

This workshop will cover topics related to promoting an inclusive environment in both personal and professional life. This workshop will touch on topics including how society looks at people from different cultures, races, people with intellectual disabilities, people struggling from mental health issues, or people that face barriers in general. Employment will be a topic of discussion during the workshop, with a focus on how people face barriers to employment before they even get an interview.

People will be challenged to look at their views, reflect on decisions they have made in the past, and look at barriers that people face in life.

Workshop Goals

The major objective of this workshop is to engage people, have them look at life from another person’s point of view, and develop an understanding of the barriers that other people face in life. By having people collectively promoting inclusiveness in their professional and personal lives, it will also promote inclusive communities.

G.E.S.T Growing Employment Skills & Training

Workshop Description

Are you interested in gaining valuable employment skills that can assist you in your job search? Do you struggle with job searching, interviews, and resumes? Are there barriers stopping you from gaining employment? The G.E.S.T. program can assist you by providing you with skills that will help in your job search.

Are you interested in starting your own business? The G.E.S.T. program can assist with putting a plan together and get you on the right track to being a business owner. 

Workshop Topics

Employment Barriers – What is holding you back

Barriers to employment are discussed. Overcoming a slow job market, and the importance of standing out. Why networking is important.

Applying for the job - Resumes

Discussions on what jobs to apply for. How to structure your resume for the position. Applying online or in person.

Employer Expectations

Learn what employers expect from their employees. Different employers have different needs and expectations.

The Interview

What to do and not to do during an interview. Learn different interview techniques. During this section there will be an interactive section where people can practice interview skills.

Want to be a business owner

Deciding what business you want to start. Developing a business plan. The importance of sustainability, creating a business that will last.